Jonathan Davis

Dancer - Choreographer

sixteen Counts

Sixteen Counts: a self produced, directed and choreographed short dance film highlighting life lessons and impressionable experiences acquired during the sixteenth year of age. Indirectly through art forms such as dance, music and visual art, Jonathan Davis touches base on informative and memorable moments of life that we all have faced or are facing during our teenage years.

Featuring Music by Drake, Jeremy Passion, Luke Christopher, Ed Sheeran, Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment, Snakehips, Tinashe and Chance The Rapper

and Original Music by Danny Jimenez, Curtis Hayes and Phillip Johnson


  • Watch this in 1080p HD
  • Includes Explicit Musical Content
  • Run time: 20:03
  • after one time, watch it again!!

"Furthest Thing" - Drake

"Appreciate Yourself before trying to meet other people's expectations." - Jonathan Davis

"lemonade" - jeremy passion ft. Tori kelly & Luke Edgemon

"Never take the beginning of a bonding with someone you admire for granted. This truly is the best part." - Jonathan Davis

"Roses" - Luke Christopher

"Pride won't fix your relationships. You've ended them now, what more need you do?" - Jonathan Davis

"Wake Me Up" - Ed Sheeran 

"Take a second to realize the true connections in your relationships. Be humble and work on reinstatement if truly desired." - Jonathan Davis


"Wonderful Everyday" - Donnie Trumpet & the social experiment

"Support those who support you. When your loved ones are dealing with many troubles and few triumphs, allow them to lean on you as you did to them. Expand your positivity outward to those you care about." - Jonathan Davis

"ALl my friends" - Snakehips ft. Tinashe & chance the rapper

"When you find those people you care about, cherish them. You meet many people in life, you make fewer 'FRIENDS." - Jonathan Davis

Bonus Video - "Furthest Thing" Part II - Drake

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