Jonathan Davis

Dancer - Choreographer


- Written by Aidan Healy


Going into the film, I honestly did not know what to expect, but there were a few things I had to keep in mind: a good friend put his heart and soul into this, this is a story that’s told mainly through his choreography, and that this is a student film. However, I must say I was blown away. Not that I ever thought it would be mediocre; I just was amazed at the artistry that was dripping from the screen, largely due to the vision of Jonathan Davis. This is the perfect example of a passion project. It’s not a dance movie accentuated by a thin plot, it’s actually quite the opposite: a beautiful personal story that is accentuated by original choreography.

It is pretty remarkable how much is conveyed in the short time of 20 minutes. If i’m being honest, Davis explained to me what feeling at age sixteen each dance was meant to project, and so I made sure to observe and see if I’d have been able to pick up on those concepts without those preconceived notions, and while I’m sure this is up to the audience at large, I feel visually and musically that the film manages to give you everything you need without dialogue. My personal favorite dances were Wonderful Everyday and Wake Me Up. Of all of the scenes, these two really felt so driven with emotion that I became a bit emotional.


All together, ‘Sixteen Counts’ is a masterpiece of a student film, and please trust me in my saying that even if Jonathan Davis was not a friend, I would be saying the same thing. It’s filled with creativity, passion, and masterful dancing by the whole ensemble. If you want to support student film-making, original film-making, and just a good way to spend twenty to forty minutes (in case you want to watch it again, of course). Go support the film on Jonathan Davis’ Site (