Jonathan Davis

Dancer - Choreographer


SO, following the success of our last lotustyle team video that went on to be acknowledged by Dance On and American Eagle - it's been a little while since we did another "lotustyle production" 

One day I was scrolling through Instagram posts as we all do, and came across one of our friends Milan Hightower posting compilation of a bunch of artists I had never heard of, the unity between them all, they all were from Charlotte, or North Carolina at least. I started looking up all the different musicians and artists and one that particularly had me vibing the most was this rap artist from Charlotte, that practically grew up in the same neighborhood as me went to high school down the street from mine and goes by the name of Luther Nicholson but is better known as "Lute." Instantly started rocking with his music and started comparing his flows to people like tribe and J. Cole (who also is an NC kid) and then come to find out, Cole actually found this kid and signed him to dreamville (J. Cole's record label) back in 2015. 

So after getting into this new music, I decided it might be a perfect opportunity to do another lotus piece and dig the roots deep into the city we're all from. I shot some emails to lute's manager in hopes they would be interested in collaborating on the video, his manager and I chopped up tons of story ideas and video plots and bada bing - bada boom we were in production. the chronological timeline went loosely like this:

  • Danny and I got together to choreograph the piece
  • about a week after we met with Tyler to teach and stage it
  • the next day after rehearsal we shot the video with Andrew. 

and during our downtime between wrapping on the shoot and the plans we had that night, lute and his manager came and kicked it with us while we started to edit the video and talked to us about growing up here and his transition to the music industry. all around very cool humble guy. 

so needless to say, this video will always be very memorable to us as a team. not just because of us dedicating it to our home and seriously everyone that had a hand on this video is affiliated with North Carolina in one way or another, but because it gave us the opportunity to work with lute on this project and hopefully many more in the future. so I hope you guys really enjoy this piece because a lot truly went into the making of this and we hope it proves to be true.