Jonathan Davis

Dancer - Choreographer


Recently (today's date is September 7th of 2017) I fully completed the dream passion project entitled "Sixteen Counts" but the film itself could use a little explaining still to those that watch before they watch.

Let's Go Back:

in mid 2015, I became interested in choreography as a whole but was intrigued to start trying out my own videos. This was actually when I had just choreographed Fine China long before even meeting Tyler or Danny let alone before the video was produced. Starting from the beginning, I started hunting videographers. No luck with that lol. It actually wasn't until we shot fine china that I pinned Edison down as my main director of photography, even then I was still completely unaware of what I was doing. quickly after fine china, I began brainstorming for a new longer project. It was supposed to read as a handbook to life through dance videos. Each Video represented a specific life lesson, one that I had enough information on to interpret to my audience what those life lessons entailed. It started as a list of songs that I drew connections from and songs I related to things in my life I had already been familiar with. I didn't have the time to attend to the project the way I wanted to. so I had pinned the writing at where I was at the time, and went on with everyday life. 

after my 16th birthday, fine china had been released and I had a tad bit of production experience. In December, Ian Eastwood a true inspiration of mine released "Adultlessons: the World's First Dance Mixtape" a project with similar intentions as mine that followed his transition into adulthood and highlighted lessons he learned through the people around him. It set off the dance community, and blew my mind completely but reminded me of the project I had started and was luckily not the same thing I wanted to do with mine. Per usual, Ian inspired me to keep hustling and create for the world. It was at the start of 2016, when life honestly began to take a turn for the worst. I was having a difficult time trying to determine who I was as well as the people around me and who was there around me through my hardships in general and as the artist I was trying to be at least, I took everything that started happening and translated it into the screenplay and as time went on this Witten piece of a project grew more and more, however it was still untitled. In July of 2016, I finished writing. solely because I felt like where I was and what I had was a good foundation to turn this into something visual.

Where did the title come from?:

initially the project was called summer sixteen, because I for some reason thought that I would have that entire project done from start to finish before that summer ended and we were already half way through it, and hypothetically it could've been done with the right team and the right plan but I learned through this process the more time you put into something the more your work speaks it shows for itself - I mean think about it, this project took me a full year and eight months to complete. from writing to post production.... it's crazy. - anyway, summer sixteen was an idea and probably just an idea lol, I did some thinking and tried to relate a title to the main point of interest this film was birthed of in the first place - dance. After long periods of brainstorming, sixteen counts was born.  the double meaning of sixteen counts of dance steps (there are definitely more than sixteen) and making sixteen count and making it worth its while. 

after an overall 10 months of production, I finished said passion project that from the very beginning started out as a crazy idea and concept with no team behind it besides me and my brain. For the people that took the time out of the day to read this, thank you. To the team that made this happen, thank you all TREMENDOUSLY, and so I don't leave anyone short handed, 


Directors of Photography: Edison Peterson & Andrew Gibson

Musicians and Vocalists: Danny Jimenez, Phillip Johnson Richardson & Curtis Hayes

Dancers: Tyler Cook, Danny Jimenez, AJ Glasco, Marcus Harmon, Naijha Nsetti, Kristen Schalk, Alyssa Macomber, Sheridan Costner & Brooke Watts

To Liam Pearce and Carlyn Head for theatrical art, To Tyler Cook and Hadleigh Painter for the editing help and to Alyssa Macomber for creating the title logo and for being one of the first contributors once production first began. 


I hope you're ready | September 27th, 2017