Jonathan Davis

Dancer - Choreographer


Disclaimer: This is gonna be a hard thing to do.

Very recently I said many goodbyes. The most important of them all, I said goodbye to the role of "Chad" in Northwest School of the Arts' production of "All Shook Up" by Joe Dipietro. Being my last spring musical as a senior oh boy was this hard. All Shook Up is the comical tale of Romance and Music, told through nothing but Elvis music. It's the story of a small town girl (Elvis not Journey Jonathan) named Natalie being surrounded by depressed townsfolk in this small faint town where Rock & Roll is against the law, until the arrival of Chad the guitar playing, hip swiveling roustabout, when he begins to turn everything completely upside down, and by doing so influences everyone around him to fall stupidly in love with each other including himself. This show was a beautiful experience to have been a part of  and from the bottom of my heart *Inhale* Maya Sistruck, Rixey Terry, Renee Rapp, Liam Pearce, HK Wall, TJ Kapur, Brennen Johnson, Zach Morrison, Carman Myrick, Corey Mitchell, Matthew Hinson, Bonnie Fraker, Emily Hunter, Amelia Binford, Cast, Crew and Band... thank you for the love. I literally will never forget this. 

My note to every non-senior musical theatre major since I couldn't qualify for a four year speech lol... Embrace and cherish. Embrace your gift. Cherish your friends. Embrace new obstacles. Cherish these years in front of you. Embrace difficulty. Cherish the love, forever. All things shall return eventually, however time will not. 

Seniors: Let's walk that stage lol. 

From left to right: Liam Pearce, Rixey Terry, myself and TJ Kapur

From left to right: Liam Pearce, Rixey Terry, myself and TJ Kapur