Jonathan Davis

Dancer - Choreographer


If you know me at all, you know that I am a big fan of things before they become bigger than they are or necessarily things that aren't at the hype in pop culture or media in general, whether that be different types of music and their artists or dancers and their work. With that being said, allow me to shed some light on this subject.

For those of you that don't keep up with my YouTube world, first of all... SHAME ON YOU. Lol jk check me out please :). Secondly, Most of my recent and most popular projects feature two of my closest dance friends, Danny Jimenez and Tyler Cook (I.E. see blog post below for other types of friends). About a year and a half ago, us three started hanging together and rolling to whatever masterclass or workshop was in town at the time, and in a nutshell for predominately all of 2016, most (really all) of the training we were getting was together. Recently, Tyler after going to Monsters Hip Hop Dance Convention in Atlanta for the 3rd or 4th time I think, was nominated as a "monsters nominee" Which is actually A REALLY BIG FLIPPING DEAL. The other day while editing a video I DP'd for him, I truly realized "This is not the same kid I met almost two summers ago at a hip hop intensive" and LITERALLY I have never seen such growth out of anyone as a dancer the way I have through him, which is something I even noticed a few months into our friendship.


When I met Ty, Danny (who I had known for a while before then) originally introduced us to each other over the summer, but little did we know, being competition dancers has actually put us in the same building, venue, even dressing room for that matter PLENTY of times before. When we met, first couple of things I realized "This kid has a dope style of hip hop that's very similar to mine, kinda shy, lowkey timid when it comes to freestyling." A year and a half later, he has grown to be one of my best friends, his adaptability is very versatile when it comes to picking up other people's choreo, his style is WAYYY better than it was before, his musicality is incredible, and he's only a smidge less scared to freestyle when we throw him on the spot than he was before, lol but even when he is freestyling, THE KID IS GOOD OH MY GOSH!

So in conclusion, this kid (Tyler and realistically this dope generation) is currently on the way to take over the dance world, and I couldn't be prouder, and Just think... a year ago we were taking classes in the back tryna keep up with everyone else, so start hustling and I advise you to follow him on the rest of his journey.


- Jonathan Michael Davis