Jonathan Davis

Dancer - Choreographer


So, I'm happy people like the website, that really means a lot! Sighhhh.

Anyway, for my second blog post I want to address something very important to me, or some people that are very important to me. The title pretty much gives it away lmao.

For over the past two years (although it's felt like so much longer) I've shared the best friendship with these two gentlemen below. Matthew Pitts and Jordan Ingram. Together, we metaphorically make the three musketeers lol. These fellas mean the world to me, "Tell Us Why Jonathan" I will imaginary crowd but first here's a picture of us.


From Left to Right: Matt, Me and Ingram

I Met Matt, the summer of 2010, when both of us were doing theatre intensive summer camps and that summer just happened to be the year we did "The Wiz" together making that the first show we've ever done together too. Since then, coming up on this summer I will have known him for a full seven years. Ingram on the other hand, I met when I was a sophomore in high school and he and Matt were seniors, our friendship trio began while we were in the rehearsing process of our 2015 Fall Musical "RENT" and fun fact: us three together formed the infamous music group known as "Millennium" that year... don't ask lol.

Needless to say, whenever I'm down or going through rough times in life, hanging out and spending time with these gents ALWAYS fixes that hands down, and I hope that one day when we're older than we are now, our friendship will be stronger than it is right now, plus we'll get to do more fun stuff-legally that is. *side note to future us: I was seventeen when I wrote this*

With Love to You two,

Jonathan Michael Davis