Jonathan Davis

Dancer - Choreographer


As 2016 comes to a bittersweet end (and I truly mean bittersweet), I'm honestly grateful with all the things that this year has brought to me, whether they be positive or negative. They all were necessary in creating the year I've had.

As a dancer, MANNNN where do I even begin! This year and the end of 2015 as well, while keeping up with my competition dance training I took a spin and became very interested in industry work and dancing that's not just performed on a competition stage. Saying this I mean, at the very end of 2015, a group of friends of mine and myself were offered jobs to dance back up for a local artist that just moved to charlotte at the time. I mean, wow haha. Not only that, but along the journey of performing with said artist, we've been offered many jobs such as live performances, concert tours and lot's of different music videos. Since I joined the "Brayden Taylor" Project I have performed in various cities in the state of North Carolina, danced in the Music Video for his first radio single "Make Me Wanna Say," co. directed and starred as an actor in the music video for his second radio single "Luv U Down" and has gradually become one of his best friends. Bro, if you're reading this IJTYBATNYCDAI... I mean thanks for the memories, let's keep making em!

Besides my contribution to dancing for local artists, I still kept up with continuing to produce my own YouTube videos as well. However, never was I able to just star in one before, well... NEVER SAY NEVER... he said over enthusiastically. During my spring break of 2016, some dancers from my studio were selected to be in a concept video to promote the studio as a business and influence other kids/parents to take interest into what we have to offer. Without completely diving, it was easily one of the coolest experiences I think I experienced this year, and when they asked for more guys my homie Tyler Cook even got to live it with me. *Exhale* SO, in laymen's terms, This year I didn't just competition dance.

As a singer, I think as a singer, or even as a musical performer in general, this year has really broadened my horizons on my musical sides. The end of 2015, brought our fall musical at school "In the Heights" where I was lucky enough to be able to portray the role of Sonny, then to the beginning of 2016, I participated in my first "cabaret night" which basically was a night at school where predominately musical theatre students get to dress up all nice and fancy and sing songs we weren't given the approval to sing in class (should they approved for this).... yeahhh. Anyway, for that event I sang Piano Man by Billy Joel and honestly it was one of the greatest solo performances of my singing career and I say that because of how comfortable I was and for realizing how much singing was there for me and just my connection to music in general. 

As a "Director," that's a new one for sure. So, producing countless amounts of random YouTube videos made me realize something. "This s**t is cool!"... sorry mom. From my first video shoot ever to a Chris Brown track, to my most recent release up to date, the art of directing and editing and producing visuals and just camera work in general drew me into making this another hobby or interest really. My Directing, hopefully, will show it's strengths with the release of my short film "Sixteen Counts" on April 14th, a film about the hardships I had to face being sixteen years old such as Self Acceptance, Relationships, Break-Ups, Rumors, Depression and most importantly Friendship. So yeah, directing WOO!

So as we await the arrival of 2017, I leave this with a quote by Lin-Manuel Miranda "Everyday has the potential to be the greatest day of your life." Happy New Year!

                                                                                                       - Jonathan Michael Davis