Jonathan Davis

Dancer - Choreographer

At a young age, through the ladies in my family, I was influenced to look into dancing as an extra curricular. Somewhere in between then and now, it has sort of become the best and often times the strongest most reliable part of me. Way Back when before I got started doing anything my sister was enrolled originally before I was, and just being a bystander in that environment clicked something inside of me and the very same day I looked up at my mom and said "i wanna dance too." I started at the age of 5 and trained in a competition setting for 12 consecutive years. I was trained under Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Ballet and Hip Hop which as I transition into working as a dancer has become a favorite style of mine. Not only has competitive dancing been a part of my life, but industry and commercial dance has been as well. Fortunately I've been able to be introduced to people like Dres Reid (who has worked with many artists including Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Ricky Martin and many more and has been one of my dance mentors for the past two years) and also Chuck Maldonado another one of my mentors who has had his hand not only in the dance industry but the show business industry as a whole. I've fought hard to stay true to the real element of dance and have attended many workshops and conferences over the span of my career, where I've learned from public figures like mentor Chuck Maldonado, Ian Eastwood, Janelle Ginestra & Wildabeast Adams, Luther Brown and many others who have offered me knowledge and an overall growing appreciation for dance, however and large amount of my appreciation came from somewhere else.

I see the world differently than those around me. I experience life differently. I live with aspergers: a high functioning form of autism. Being on stage I try to persuade my audience into believing past that. Many have even questioned my diagnosis, but realistically school is a chore to me, and it's much harder for me than it is for someone else. I graduated from a performing arts high school, and if it hadn't been for the balance of academics and artistry and the people around me that pushed my confidence to where it is today, I would never have succeeded past graduation and I would not be the person I am in general. When you dance, if your passion is real and true, the world around you ceases to exist, and it comes down to you, the music, and how it makes you feel. that's how I see art, and that's what dance means to me. Dance connects me to so many people spread all across the country. people that don't judge and see anything past the movement and passion and that's when and why it has become a very important part of my life.


- Jonathan Michael Davis